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At Queens Village Dentist, the most common patient we see are those suffering from tooth aches. A tooth aches can be distinguished by the pain it causes in or around the tooth. It may come often, sparingly, or only when pressure is applied to the tooth. Whenever it comes, a tooth ache is a definite sign of a problem and should always be seen by a dentist.

Tooth aches can be caused by cavities, lost fillings, broken or chipped teeth, constant repetitive motion such as grinding teeth or chewing gum, infection, or abscessed teeth.

Many times a tooth ache is accompanied by a throbbing pain, earache, headache or even fever. It can even be accompanied by a foul-tasting drainage coming from the infected tooth. Any of these symptoms require that you see a dentist immediately. Usually, we will begin with a thorough medical evaluation of your teeth, gums, jaw, throat and tongue and take x-rays which will indicate any potential underlying problems.

A tooth ache doesn’t always indicate a potentially serious problem. At Queens Village Dentist, we can usually fix a minor tooth ache in a matter of minutes with a brief in-office visit. Unfortunately, many people wait until the decay or problem has progressed substantially. A minor cavity could turn into a root canal if left untreated. Impacted teeth that aren’t extracted could cause severe infection that could eventually seep into your bloodstream. If you have a cavity, your dentist will fill it. If the dentist finds evidence of infection, fever or jaw-swelling he may prescribe a course of antibiotics to clear the infection.

Although most people do follow good oral hygiene practices, tooth aches are inevitable. Your dentist may be able to prevent future problems by suggesting a sealant or fluoride application. Brushing regularly with fluoride-based toothpaste, flossing regularly, having scheduled dental cleanings and keeping an open relationship with your dentist about any potential oral hygiene problems you may be experiencing will all prevent toothaches from happening. With much advancement in modern dentistry, most tooth problems are fairly easy and quick to fix. If you’re fearful of seeing the dentist, rest assured that the dentists and staff at Queens Village Dentist will make certain that you are comfortable and relaxed. If you’re worried about the cost we will work with you to develop a payment plan that works for you.