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At Queens Village Dentist, we would like to take a moment to educate our patients about the dreaded root canal. A root canal has earned a bad reputation over the years. This is partially due to the pain caused by the infection which would result in a root canal, and also due to the fear patients have when having their teeth drilled.

Tooth decay is the main reason for Queens root canal. The pulp chamber of the tooth is usually an area that is surrounded by tooth and never exposed. When decay progresses to this area, you may feel sensitivity when you drink something hot or cold, or when you chew.

The symptoms are very similar to those of a cavity, so a general pain in your tooth doesn’t necessarily indicate that you would need a root canal. Sometimes you might just need a cavity filled. With the aid of an x-ray, we will be able to see if the decay has progressed too far, bacteria has gotten into the pulp of the tooth or has caused an infection or abscess. Sometimes, no symptoms may be present at all, as nerves can die slowly over time. Even though there is no pain, it is still important to take care of the problem. Seeing what’s going on under the gums is one reason dentists take x-rays during your routine cleaning appointments.

A Queens root canal is not only caused by tooth decay. The truth is that we inherit our teeth genetically. This determines whether we have hard teeth or soft teeth. If you were born with soft teeth, you’ll have to be certain to take extra care when it comes to proper oral hygiene, brushing and flossing. The makeup of your teeth may be very similar to that of your mother or father. If one of your parents was prone to tooth decay and had many root canals, you might too. Another reason might be old metal fillings. Many times a metal filling will shrink and food particles can begin to decay underneath it, causing underlying problems that tend to go unnoticed. You may even have tiny fractures in your teeth, caused by chewing hard candies or ice, or grinding your teeth, which would cause tiny bacteria particles to settle into the fractures and cause decay and pain. People that were injured in the mouth as a child can have the tooth get infected as an adult. Car accidents, sports injuries, work injuries and falls that make you snap your teeth together can also cause severe damage to the nerve that may or may not show up right away. If you’re looking for an oral surgeon in Queens, look no more. Queens Village Dentist is the dentist to visit.

At Queens Village Dentist, our experience has allowed us to literally see it all. Don’t wait for a minor cavity to turn into a root canal. If you’re having pain in or around your tooth or face, please don’t hesitate to call us. We know that when many people experience tooth pain, they have a tendency of just chewing on the other side of their mouth. This might be a temporary solution to the problem, but it is only allowing the bacteria to have more time to settle into the nerve and cause deeper decay and damage to an otherwise healthy tooth.